Who We Are?

Digital transformation is all about using the latest technology to do what you already do even better.

We have an ever-growing team of talents, whose skills are perfectly matched to undertake these challenges to help companies to grow further and beyond. We position ourselves as a long-term technical partner for our clients and help them turn software innovation into business innovation.

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Domain Registry & Registrar Solution

Our RRS solution provides a full fledge platform that is scalable to handle millions of domain names.

Our RRS provides an extensive coverage from basic to advanced functionalities to operate a gTLD or ccTLD registry. It comes with a secure and easy-to-use API based on HTTPS and provides Private Labels (Instant online shopfront) for your resellers. Built-in integration with over 40 Registries via EPP (or proprietary protocols) and more can be added upon your request.

What We Offer

  • World Class Shared Registry-Registrar System

  • Complete Control for Registry/Registrar Operators

  • Tailor-made Solution with Business Process Automation

  • Proven Turnkey Implementation and IDN

  • High Security and Availability

Cross Platform Mobile Development

We build mobile apps your customers love and works across major mobile platforms

Work with our experienced team of software developers to turn your app idea into a compelling mobile app. We’ll help you build mobile apps that works cross-platform.

Electronic Document Management Solution (EDMS)

Our EDMS solution is designed from the ground up to assist the entire organization by managing the creation of data, storage, retrieval and expiry of information stored as documents.

Our EDMS provides comprehensive document management from basic a EDMS should have like document management, workflow, text retrieval, and imaging; to providing secure access, maintaining the context, and executing disposition instructions for all records in the system. As well as physical document storage, management, retrieval and scanning services.

Software & System Integration

Boosting up the productivity and improving the workflow of your company is essential step to success. We are here to help you achieve these goals.

One of the many struggles every company faces is choosing the best system to manage their business operations. Using a variety of programs that do not integrate with each other can make it impossible for the organisation to operate effectively. By utilising Six Sigma methodology, we have helped clients to streamline their operations and save millions.

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